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A Signal We Should Expand Our Thinking about Search Campaigns, a white paper that chronicles the evolution of student Search.

PlattForm Higher Education, a leading provider of marketing and enrollment solutions for higher education, has released a white paper that chronicles the evolution of student Search.

Declining Search Response Rates: A Signal We Should Expand Our Thinking about Search Campaigns connects the steady decline in traditional response rates for many colleges and universities with the need for ideas that account for new marketplace dynamics.

Advancing technology has brought about immeasurable change to the way people live and conduct business. In the higher education realm, it has literally altered the conversations and relationships between prospective students and the colleges hoping to attract them.

Technology’s influence continues to expand – changing the way enrollment officers measure the role of the fundamental inquiry generator – Student Search.

While Search marketing remains an effective way to reach prospective students, many long-time conventions of Search programs are losing their perceived validity. In today’s environment, response rates are, by themselves, simply too narrowly focused and one-dimensional to capture the variety of ways that prospective students shop for a college and respond to Search communication.

“There is no denying the evolution of student Search,” said Lyle Kraft, Executive Vice President of Enrollment Services. “Traditional response rates have become inadequate for measuring Search performance. What we’re seeing emerge is a more comprehensive approach that allows for a more accurate evaluation of Search return on investment.”

PlattForm Higher Education’s latest white paper takes an insightful look at:

  • Technology’s influence on Search marketing;
  • Why traditional response rates may be inadequate for measuring Search performance;
  • Benefits of a broader outcomes-based approach to Search marketing.

The research presented in the paper is a good resource for presidents, enrollment managers, admissions officers, and other marketing communications staff.

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