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PE Resource

PE resources are a great way for children of varying ages to benefit from and enjoy physical education. Our range of PE resources are designed to introduce structure to PE lessons in an enjoyable and engaging manner by using simple, easy to follow lesson plans and instructions. By using our teaching resources you can bring a little order to what can sometimes be a chaotic activity or lesson.

At Primrose Education, we stock a range of resources aiming to improve sports and athletics development at an early age. The following guide highlights a selection of the titles available from our full range of PE Resources.

PE Resources

If you are looking for resources to improve swimming lessons we have two resource packs available. Our Swimming Resource pack is aimed at pupils at a primary education stage. The swimming pack is designed to aid pupils from beginner to advanced level and provides guidance to aid development when learning different strokes and swimming styles, how to improve confidence in the water and also covers hygiene and safety while swimming.

Our Water Safety Concepts resource covers a range of topics relating to swimming and pool safety that are applicable to children of all ages. This resource pack also includes a range of accompanying illustrations to help highlight and retain all the information covered.

Games and Athletics Resource

If you are looking to improve athletics activities our Games and Athletics Resource contains a lot of ideas to improve individual development and to encourage team games. Packed with rules and guides for different games of invasion, striking games and fielding games and also features ideas for athletics events for sports days.

If you are interested in improving gymnastics skills our Gymnastics Resource contains a lot of useful information. Focusing on natural movements this resource is designed to improve your ability and confidence by working on the basics of movement and balance to encourage a future interest and development in gymnastics. This resource uses a systematic approach to developing skills which are ideal for beginners who are interested in gymnastics.

We also currently have a special offer available on PE resource packs, if you purchase three or more titles from our range each pack will be charged at the reduced rate of Rs.1148! This means you will save Rs.574 if you order three resource packs at the same time, Rs.765 if you buy four or Rs.957.22 if you buy five! Just follow the link to browse our full range of PE Resource Packs.

If you would like to know more about our PE resources or any of our education resources please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments.

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