Email Marketing for Schools


How do you stay in contact with prospective students from the moment they begin their college search until they enroll without letting your message start to sound stock, stale or scripted? Strategically implemented email marketing campaigns for your institution.

With PlattForm Higher Education, your institution can deliver fresh, timely, highly personalized emails – all while keeping your recruitment costs low.

  1. Personalize Your Communication Strategy
  2. Send Emails that Really Deliver
  3. Make Visual Contact with Video Solutions
  4. Track Your Success and Build Your Strategy
  5. Let Us Give You Comprehensive Support

Personalize Your Communication Strategy

As our partner, you can expect exceptional customer service coupled with the latest technology. Our highly advanced email delivery system is backed by a team of focused creative marketing professionals, so your emails don’t just reach more targeted inboxes; they deliver serious results.

We work with you to identify your target audience, so your email campaigns feature personalized, dynamic content and are always sent to the best list of candidates. You’ll also have access to a wide range of capabilities ranging from simple text emails to those including personalized videos, or even full-color HTML emails featuring embedded hyperlinks that send prospects to your choice of URLs.

Send Emails that Really Deliver

With our interactive team of higher education email marketing professionals, your efforts are maximized at every turn. Research, experience, and our sophisticated delivery system keep your email campaigns from missing the mark, being mistakenly identified as spam, and being blocked or even shut down by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Working with our experts ensures that your emails reach your desired destination.

Make Visual Contact with Video Solutions

If a picture says a thousand words, following up a phone call with an interactive video can communicate multitudes to your potential students. We make it easy for your institution to quickly create, manage, and distribute video via the Web, so you can connect with potential students through one of today’s most exciting and captivating interactive marketing tactics. Whether you want to send a personal video via email, add and manage videos on your institution’s web site, or launch a viral video campaign, our innovative applications mean your possibilities are endless.

Track Your Success and Build Your Strategy

Our integrated tracking reports allow you to see exactly who opened, clicked through, and responded to your email. This information can then be used to create and implement a follow-up communications strategy focused on those students who are most likely to enroll at your institution.

Let Us Give You Comprehensive Support

Whether you want to invite potential students to an open house, announce a new scholarship opportunity, send newsletters to alumni or do something entirely original, your account team will work with you to make sure that your message is carefully developed, designed and delivered to the right prospective students. We will help you through every step of the process.

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