Dance Resources for Primary Education

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At Primrose Education, we specialize in dance resources for primary education and stock a wide range of resources designed to make learning more appealing and approachable while also encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about our different categories of dance resources have a read through the following guide.

  1. Multicultural Dance Resources
  2. Lesson Programmes for Dance
  3. Dance Topics for Primary Schools

Multicultural Dance Resources

Multicultural Dance Resources are a great way to teach children about people from different nationalities and cultures around the world. Learning about the way of life through different cultures is a great way to broaden children’s horizons and encourage open-mindedness.

Our range of multicultural dance resources focuses on a number of different areas. Africa Morning in Ghana is designed by a dance tutor specializing in ethnic dance and features two accompanying CDs with Ghanaian rhythms, a dance development program, cue cards for teachers, and a colour poster.

The Story of Hanuman is a themed dance resource that takes the story from a popular Indian tale and adapts it into an enjoyable resource ideal for classrooms. This resource pack also includes two CDs of authentic Indian music specially composed to accompany the story as well as cue cards, a dance development plan, and a colour poster.

Lesson Programmes for Dance

Our range of Lesson Programmes for Dance is a great resource for teachers and children at all stages of primary education.

These resources feature dance topics specifically chosen to relate to their target age range from reception through to junior age groups and include audio CDs and lesson plans to assist learning and enjoyment.

Dance Topics for Primary Schools

Dance Topics for Primary Schools are a selection of topics and skills-based resources that relate to themes and subjects addressed at the primary school stage of the national curriculum. Using dance as an informal medium pupil is likely to enjoy learning about academic subjects such as English, Science, and RE and also to retain the information learned in this manner.

The range of dance topics available are quite diverse and cover some important issues using approachable and memorable methods. Continue reading for a quick run-through of three of our favourite Dance Topics available from the range.

Forces of Nature features some of the more extreme examples of weather phenomenon witnessed across the globe and uses them as the basis for lesson plans. This resource also features a CD with unique compositions themed around volcanoes, storms, avalanches, and other natural phenomena.

The Recycle Dance Pack helps to highlight the important role recycling plays in the preservation of our planet and teaches the next generation the importance of sustainability. This resource uses a conceptual approach to convey the journey our refuse takes from our home through varying sorting processes until it is eventually recycled and explains the benefits it provides us. This resource has an accompanying CD and lesson plans to help children retain the information covered.

Bullying Awareness is designed to help children identify the signs of bullying and what motivates other children to behave in this way. The focus of this resource is to help children identify what behaviour is acceptable to prevent bullying from being tolerated and to encourage children who are affected by any form of bullying to speak out about their experiences. This resource includes an accompanying CD and uses interactive lessons to help children take in the information covered.

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